Ayman Hasan

Ayman Hasan ist im Januar 2015 mit 16 1/2 Jahren nach dramatischer Flucht aus seinem Heimatland Syrien in Deutschland angekommen.
Er hat die Bombardements durch das eigene Regime erleben müssen, Folter und Gefangennahme durch den IS.
Mittlerweile ist er selbständig und ein anerkannter Fachmann für IT-Sicherheit.

From extreme struggle to success, The inspiring journey of Author & Computer scientist Ayman Hasan.

Wars can never do any good. The ongoing Civil war in Syria, which started in 2011 is a live example of this. The unrest that killed more than a lac civilian and displaced many more from their homeland to live and Survive. Author and Computer scientist Ayman Hasan was also a victim of this war, but he went on to write his inspiring story of success.

Born on July 7, 1998, Ayman Hasan is a young man of just 21 years of age, but he has faced life’s toughest time in terms of Civil war in his country due to which he had to escape from his homeland to save a life, for which he even had to leave his family behind. Ayman Hasan who studied in Almanara school in Aleppo was an intelligent and studious child during his school days, after leaving the country he tried to find refuge in many countries including Serbia, where he had spent 7 days in Jail as he was an illegal migrant. Finally, he got asylum in 2015 in Dortmund, Germany. There he learned the German language for 6 months and restarted his education. Restarting life altogether in a different country without family or any support was indeed very difficult, but he began his education and did a high school diploma and then went on to complete a degree in computer science from Leipzig and Berlin in 2018.

After working as AI Researcher for T- Labs and Google Ayman Hasan tuned Entrepreneur and launched his own venture Aylabs in 2017, an organization which works for research and development in the field of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving this was his first startup venture after this he also founded Aysolutions in 2018 which works in the field of cybersecurity and Aycapital investment in 2019 which is a company that offers to invest in stock and Forex market.

At such a young age so much of intelligence and risk-taking ability and leadership qualities are definitely praiseworthy. But this is not all Ayman Hasan is an accomplished writer as well, the young man who has faced the cruel face of life at a very young age has shared his experience in a book authored by him The Defector: Story of a Syrian fate, the book that entails his experiences of life and struggles. His second book Haimat – Niemand verlässt seine Heimat sein home, es sei denn, sie ist das Maul von einem Hai, which has a heart touching meaning Homeland: No one leaves his homeland unless he is in the mouth of a shark. The book is the German version of his first book.

So many accomplishments at such a young age prove that Ayman Hasan is no ordinary man; he is someone who has an indomitable quality of excelling and winning in the toughest situation.

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